video-filmHow safe is your home?

Do you know how easy it is to break into your house, even tough you have a wooden door? Well, we know - it can take less than 2 minutes!

skydas_home2The best solution to protect your home against burglary are the high security steel doors of “Skydas”. The doors are provided with a great security because of the number of intelligent design features. The door with a frame of steel is covered by panels. Because of the panels, your new door suddenly looks like your old wooden door, only it includes security power inside the door.

These doors meet the high European security standards and will protect your home, not only against burglary, but also against fire and the surrounding noise within your environment.

The security doors have had a large number of tests, mastered the subtleties of door structure. This is set out into a perfect shield around the door which is reliable and protecting your home.

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