Security class 3

security-class3-boltsIt‘s high level of housing protection, in view of the elevated risk of burglary. These doors were design to protect against burglary by the use of heavy duty burglary tools.

These security doors use a combination of metal and wood – strong metal construction with the best level of insulation and attractive finishing wooden panels, provides high security and nice look to your home.



Security class 3 – Technical information

Rating of sound insulation

43 dB Rw (C;Ctr)

Rating of thermal transmittance

1,5 W (m2-K)

Identification of burglar resistance

ENV 1627
WK3 Class 3

Resistance to repeated opening and closing

200 000 cycles

Identification of resistance to wind load

Class C3

Measurement of air permeability

Class 3

Identification of water tightness

Class 2A

Identification of mechanical strength and rigidity

Class 4




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